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"Calm and clear mind, clean and conditioned body, conscious and collective spirit."

Nutrition, Wellness, Natural Medicine

- Jordan Valdez

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Welcome to Your Sanctuary for Health and Healing Through Nutrition and Lifestyle!

Collective Nourishment is all about individualized care using a natural, whole-body, and evidence-based approach. Our treatment focuses on diet and food-as-medicine, including supplementation and herbal remedies. Nutrition is at the foundation of health (nutrients are the building blocks of all our cells) and malnutrition is at the root of disease (excess, lack, and imbalance impact all of our systems); you'd be amazed at how greatly you can transform your overall health solely by correcting and refining your nutritional status, many times that's all it takes.

Additionally, we address lifestyle (sleep, stress, movement), mindset (shifting thoughts and behaviors), relationships (to food, self, body), daily detox (mental, physical, spiritual), environment (home, community), body awareness (intuition, interoception), and biomarkers (signs, symptoms, lab-work). We believe in working with the body, and all of its uniqueness, in accordance with the inherent rhythms and wisdom of nature.

Our overall goal is to improve and optimize your health using practices that honor your biological needs and support the sustainability of our planet as a whole. We help you become aware of where you are, where you're capable of being, and offer you clear, simple, and systematic steps to get to your optimal.


We are Collective because we believe in a collaborative effort that is encompassing-of-all and ever-growing. We utilize balanced Nourishment in any form necessary to restore, sustain, and advance wellness. Let us help you take control of your health so that you can start operating from your highest state of being, radiate your purest light into the lives around you, and promote a flourishing future.

Who is the founder and health care provider at Collective Nourishment?

My name is Jordan and I am so happy that you're here! I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (graduated from The University of Texas, completed Coordinated Program in Dietetics) and currently in school to become a Naturopathic Doctor (at Bastyr University in San Diego, CA). I practice from an integrative and functional medicine perspective; combining science, research, conventional medicine, and traditional medicines. I can't wait to help you nourish your body and your life!

What can Collective Nourishment help you with?

  • Health Condition Management (varies per condition and individual, MNT services available only to CA residents)

  • Nutrition Optimization (an essential foundation for health from which everyone can benefit from)

  • Disease Prevention (for general health or those with increased susceptibilities/risk factors)

  • Enhanced Health Status (promoting longevity and improved quality of life)

  • Feeling Good in Your Body (you can always be and feel better)

  • Wellness Support (for those with or without health conditions, there's always a need for ongoing and well-intended assistance)

What areas of the body does Collective Nourishment typically target?

  • Gut healing & Microbiome Balance: disease begins in our gut, we are what we absorb, and we work in synchronicity with our microorganisms (which compromise more of our cells than human cells).

  • Blood Sugar Stabilization: tackling insulin resistance and dysregulated blood sugar levels, which lays the groundwork for most chronic disease.

  • Hormonal Support: combating excessive and consistent exposure to stress and endocrine disruptors. 

  • Organ Detox: supporting the organs of elimination in a world of overconsumption and toxic-overload. 

  • Micronutrient Repletion: addressing nutrient deficiencies/insufficiencies, attaining all of our essential nutrients, and eating functional foods.

  • Biological & Nature Rhythms: syncing with ​circadian, infradian, and seasonal cycles to perform to the best of our ability within each phase and to live in harmony with our planet. 

  • Relationship with Body & Food: eating and living in response to your body's intuitive needs. 

Download Collective Nourishment's Nutrition Philosphy

Comprehensive Assessment

Integrative & Functional Laboratory Testing

  • Completion of online intake forms (medical, personal, nutritional, and lifestyle information)

  • Discussion of health timeline, status, mindset, issues, goals, and obstacles

  • Performing of nutrition focused physical exam 

  • Development of health plan foundations based on needs and readiness 

  • Ordering of appropriate laboratory testing 

  • Laboratory tests prioritized based on health and financial status (not always necessary!)

  • May include basic blood and cardiometabolic panels, micronutrient testing, food allergy and sensitivity testing, genetic testing, inflammatory marker testing, GI map testing, hormonal testing, and more!

  • Thorough integrative and functional evaluation of results will be given

Personalized Health Plan

Wellness Portal

  • Designed in consideration of comprehensive intake and laboratory evaluation 

  • Varies according to individual, may include recommendations on: nutrition, lifestyle medicine, mindset coaching, environmental adaptation, body awareness, food/body relationship, daily detox, and referral​

  • Monitored and modified as needed based on health, life situation, and feasibility 

  • Access to tools, resources, and all health documentation

  • Access to your practitioner via email and phone call 

  • Regular scheduling of follow-up visits for continued optimization and support

  • Subscription to monthly newsletter 


"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

- Albert Einstein


Based in San Diego, CA




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